Your WMS is Wasting Valuable Data

Information is power. In the future, information will become even more so with machine learning and A.I.

But, information starts with data. Your WMS is, likely, wasting data right now – wasting tons of it.

Oh, it's there, alright, but it is not being recognized and utilized. Many WMS users have hooked in Labor Systems or Analytics packages, trying to turn these lost opportunities into ROI. But, many-times you are facing impedance from the WMS itself. You can't easily capture data at the right level, can't easily aggregate or transform.

It can be so frustrating - data is passing you by like strangers in a crowd.

Our developers, at AttunedLabs and WhereWerks, are launching a new Open-Source architecture for harvesting, and more importantly, harnessing data. Use it for Analytics, Labor/Work Force Management, etc. But, what we are really primed for is A.I. (see a generic representation of the architecture below).

So, our architecture supports the idea of easier and better data access (for analytics, Labor, Track and Trace, Enterprise Lot Tracking) it is all set for Machine Learning and A.I. There is a lot of work going on in the A.I. industry using streaming data feeds like Apache Spark.

The image below shows our architecture implemented with Kafka, Spark and the popular Cassandra no-SQL Data Store (with the ability to store up to 2 trillion rows per table).

Available from WhereWerks, in April, under an open-source license.

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