Elastic Parcel

We just don't think parcel integration should be something to worry about. The problem is that WMS vendors either have a very casual relationship with parcel systems or attempt to be too entwined in just one. Both situations lead to eventual and unexpected discontinuity. Whether RedPrairie, JDA, or HighJump, if you are looking to do your last parcel integration – look at elasticParcel.

We have both free (UPS and Fedex as examples) and contract options available. Or choose a combination, ConnectShip plus Fedex Web. Or FSMS + UPS Web. Our integration does not require you to have just one parcel partner. But if your parcel requirements are more significant, either due to volume or the variety of carriers you need to support, we already have integrations with some of the most popular Parcel Middle Vendors. Kewill/BluJay Solutions, and ConnectShip are already fully supported and Logistix (Agile Networks) should be wrapping up soon.

We get it. You just want your parcel to, well, work. We understand. This should be the last parcel integration you ever need to do. In the future, switching to or from a parcel middleware vendor to another or to a freely available web interface, is just a matter of configuration.

Support for RP/JDA versions 2008 and later
Carrier/Vendor Type Vendor Cost Support
elastic_parcel Prem/Cloud Contract Full
elastic_parcel Premise Contract Full
elastic_parcel Cloud FREE Full
elastic_parcel Prem/FSMS FREE Full
elastic_parcel Prem/Cloud Contract Full
elastic_parcel Cloud FREE Full
elastic_parcel Cloud FREE Full
elastic_parcel Drop-in Connector to Elastic Parcel FREE Full
elastic_parcel Seller Fulfilled
FREE GetEligibleShippingServices
CreateShipment, Label Print(s), Cancel

*All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Free refers to the cost of the service calls to manifest packages, not the associated carrier cost or postage. Contract means that the software or Software as a Service is available under a separate contract with parcel middleware provider.