Your WMS is Wasting Valuable Data

Information is power. In the future, information will become even more so with machine learning and A.I.

But, information starts with data. Your WMS is, likely, wasting data right now – wasting tons of it.

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The Thing About Microservices

The microservices approach to functionality is really what I was after in MOCA. But, back in 1993 when we designed it, we just did not have the technology to describe this or a structural way to do it. So, over the years, MOCA components (and it is worse in most other WMS offerings) have too many dependencies on other parts of the system. These dependencies and complexities inevitably lead to higher costs, longer development cycles and evolves into a situation like trying to push a snowball up a hill (it eventually crushes you under gravity).

The Thing about Cartonization

Cartonization, or the process of finding the best sized cartons for less-than-case items, is a sort of Rubik's Cube exercise that can be difficult to validate. This video talks our visualization of planned cartons and what that sort of virtual X-Ray vision can get you.

The Thing about EComm and Allocating Putaway Locations

Allocating a putaway locations has really not evolved much over the past 20 years. Nearly every WMS has some sort of hierarchical approach. For Robots and other autonomous vehicle applications, all of this needs to change.

The Thing about old ideas of WMS Datamodels and the new Where-of-Things world

The thing about the Where of Things comes down to a way of describing, NOT what things looked like in the 1990s but, what things look like today.

The Thing about the Where Management System

Our logistics world is a lot more complicated than it was in the 1990s. Unfortunately, most of the so-called World-Class WMS offerings were designed in the 1990s. That led us to think of an entirely different way of stating the problem. Less Warehouse – more Where-based solutions.